January 27, 2007

Sexy female doctor Gina presentates her naked body!

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Sometimes also doctors just want to have some fun! Ginas job at Popp-O-Mat is to help Doctor J. Stiffler to check our male test candidates for the “Popp-O-Mat – The amazing sex enhancer device”. It’s not a secret that doctor Gina has a perfect body with very nice titties and a shaved and men hungry pussy! She also loves to be in front of a camera and to pose in different positions. Our photographer was very pleased to take these hot photos for our members!

Sexy female doctor Gina presentates her naked body 1  Sexy female doctor Gina presentates her naked body 2

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October 21, 2006

How Doctor J. Stiffler takes Werner’s sperm assay

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Many Popp-O-Mat visitors asked us, how Doctor J. Stiffler exactly tooked Werner’s sperm assay. Our members already were able to have a look at the 86 hight quality photos in the members area, which documentate this process exactly. For the other visitors, we offer two free sample photos in this post.

Doctor J. Stiffler takes Werners sperm assay 1  Doctor J. Stiffler takes Werners sperm assay 2

As you can see, Doctor J. Stiffler manipulates Werner’s penis with her hand. With some special hand snatches, she brings Werner to ejaculate very fast. She collects the sperm in a beaker and ckecks immediately if the amount is sufficient.

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October 12, 2006

Doctor J. Stiffler performs the health check-up on a test candidate

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Finally we found some perfect candidates for testing the Popp-O-Mat prototype. On this post we take a closer look to Doctor J. Stifflers work while she checks-up Werner. It’s necessary to have exactly average men for the test series for comparable results. First, Doctor J. Stiffler asks Werner some common medicinal questions and then begins to check the blood pressure, heart sounds and the pulse. She writes down the results and then Werner has to undress for the further tests. Doctor J. Stiffler now measures the length of Werners penis in erected condition. Finally she stimulates Werners penis and takes a small sperm assay to have a look to it under the microscope later. As you can see, this medical check-up is very interesting. We tooked 86 photos to documentate Werners check-up and you can find them in the members area instantly after you signed up. We hope to find the best candidate for a real Popp-O-Mat test soon.

Doctor J. Stiffler does the penis test 1  Doctor J. Stiffler does the penis test 2

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September 24, 2006

Connection accessories for first Popp-O-Mat prototype complete

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The Popp-O-Mat engineering team is proud to present the complete prototype. It consists of the Popp-O-Mat itself, two cables (one blue and one red), two alligator forceps (crocodile clips) and two ECG monitoring electrodes. A 9V block battery is already installed in the Popp-O-Mat.

Popp-O-Mat connection accessories

Popp-O-Mat connection accessories


Popp-O-Mat prototype complete

Popp-O-Mat with connected accessories

September 18, 2006

Evaluation process for electrodes is finished

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Our lab evaluated and tested many different electrodes. Finally they choosed a standard ECG electrode for sticking directly on the human body. On the picture below, you can see these electrodes. For the Popp-O-Mat application, two of them are needed. One is for the plus (+) pole and the other for the minus (-) pole.

Popp-O-Mat with electrodes

September 1, 2006

First interview regarding the Popp-O-Mat with Doctor J. Stiffler

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Welcome to our first interview, Doctor Stiffler.

Doctor J. Stiffler:
Good morning.

We’re here to discuss about a revolutionary new electronic device – the Popp-O-Mat. How did you hear about the Popp-O-Mat?

Doctor J. Stiffler:
Well, i was asked by the developer of the Popp-O-Mat if i can accomplish a study about the effectivity of this apparat and test it with test persons.

Are the tests already complete?

Doctor J. Stiffler:
Not yet, we’re still hard working on it. But it seems that the results will be amazing and a new era in the sex life will be started soon.

Can you tell us a little more about your current work?

Doctor J. Stiffler:
Of course; at the moment we are in the process of recruiting male test persons. This includes the measurement of their penis and a small sperm assay.
Doctor J. Stiffler
Doctor J. Stiffler

Popp-O-Mat Prototype
Popp-O-Mat Prototype
That’s very interresting, what will be the next work package?

Doctor J. Stiffler:
Well, that’s just the start. Next we will measure the electrical output of the Popp-O-Mat to check if it fulfills the requirements.
After this check, we’re ready to connect the Popp-O-Mat to a human body and see if the generated muscle contractions and movements matches the calculated results. Lastly we will arrange a sexual act between a man wearing the Popp-O-Mat and a woman to measure the sexual enhancement with this device.

That sounds if you’ll have a lot to do?

Doctor J. Stiffler:
Yes, that’s true.

Ok, that was very interresting. Thank you very much for this interview and i think we’ll have another one soon.

Doctor J. Stiffler:
Good bye

August 29, 2006

First Popp-O-Mat prototype is ready and working!

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Our prototyping team is pleased to introduce the Popp-O-Mat prototype!

Prototype front view

Prototype connectors for electrodes

This great electronic device is very easy to use. The two (red and black) connectors on the top are for connectig the electrodes to the human body. After powering up the Popp-O-Mat by switching on the ON/OFF switch, it generates electrical pulses on the electrodes.

The two blue indicator LED’s show that the Popp-O-Mat is working.

August 23, 2006

Parts for the Popp-O-Mat prototype complete

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All parts for the prototype are here now.

Prototype all parts

The microcontroller board was programmed in the software laboratory with the initial firmware version 1.0. The assembly will be started immediately.

These are the main steps for assembling the Popp-O-Mat prototype:

  1. Drill the holes into the enclosure for the ON/OFF switch, indicator LED’s and connectors for the human body electrodes
  2. Wire up the battery connector with the ON/OFF switch and ground of the microcontroller
  3. Wire up the LED’s, connectors and microcontroller board
  4. Install the electronics into the enclosure
  5. Assemble the enclosure together

This process takes about one hour for our professional team in the prototyping department.

August 18, 2006

Parts for the Popp-O-Mat prototype almost ready

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The assembling of the parts for the first prototype can be started soon. It consists of these parts:

Poppomat Prototype Parts

  • Enclosure
  • Microcontroller Board
  • Indicator LED’s
  • Battery Connector

Following parts are missing at the moment:

  • ON/OFF Switch
  • Jack for connecting the electrodes
  • Resistors for the LED’s

August 11, 2006

Welcome to the world of Popp-O-Mat, the amazing sex enhancer device!

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On this site you can find informations regarding this great electronic device and many photos of beautiful girls.