October 26, 2006

Alberto picks up hitcher girl Mona for hot sex

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It wasn’t planned that Mona and Alberto will have spontaneous sex on this beautiful day. All began on a shiny day with blue sky and a comfortable temperature. Alberto was cruising around with his Mazda cabriolet sports car and enjoyed the nice day. Suddenly he saw a beautiful, brunette girl with long hair, a pink top and a short mini skirt. The surprise was perfect after she showed her thumb to stop Alberto. Of course Alberto is a gentleman and picked up the young lady. She said, that her name is Mona.

Alberto picks up Mona with the car 1  Alberto picks up Mona with the car 2

After a short ride, Mona smiled to Alberto and he laid his hand on Mona’s thigh. On a grassland, Alberto stopped the car and touched Mona’s nice ass. Mona took off her pink top and also her bra! She began to unpack Alberto’s big cock and sucked it until it was erected and very hard. Then Alberto begun to fuck Mona like a young mustang it’s mare from behind and also ahead. Later she rode on Alberto because she was so horny…

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October 21, 2006

How Doctor J. Stiffler takes Werner’s sperm assay

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Many Popp-O-Mat visitors asked us, how Doctor J. Stiffler exactly tooked Werner’s sperm assay. Our members already were able to have a look at the 86 hight quality photos in the members area, which documentate this process exactly. For the other visitors, we offer two free sample photos in this post.

Doctor J. Stiffler takes Werners sperm assay 1  Doctor J. Stiffler takes Werners sperm assay 2

As you can see, Doctor J. Stiffler manipulates Werner’s penis with her hand. With some special hand snatches, she brings Werner to ejaculate very fast. She collects the sperm in a beaker and ckecks immediately if the amount is sufficient.

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October 17, 2006

Tiffany, the cute blonde teen girl in the garden

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Some young girls still like to be outdoors in the nature. Tiffany is such a girl! Behind of her parents house is a big garden and she loves to get nasty if her parents aren’t at home. Sometimes, Tiffany and her boyfriend Stan takes off their clothes and take photos of themselves. In the very beautiful Popp-O-Mat members area you’ll find 78 high resolution photos of Tiffany in the garden. She takes off all her clothes, also the white underwear! And that’s not all of course! Popp-O-Mat is proud to present VERY HOT photos of teen Tiffany putting a vibrator into her shaved pussy!!! Wow, this is a must see. All you have to do to see this ultra hot pics immediately, is to enter your credit card details on the join page. It’s worth every penny, you’ll see…

Blonde Tiffany teen 1  Blonde Tiffany teen 2

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We introduce the great Fleshlight!

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Sometimes your girlfriend or wife isn’t at home but you still are very horny and need some sex. What can you do now?

We recommend to have a look to the Fleshlight, a high tech pussy, ass and mouth which is at home at any time!

Fleshlight 1  Fleshlight 2

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For this reason, they offer a very nice how-to video to learn everything about the Fleshlight. The show is presented by the hot blonde girl Jana Demos! If you are horny now, we recommend to go to the Fleshlight page and watch this nice video immediately.

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October 12, 2006

Doctor J. Stiffler performs the health check-up on a test candidate

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Finally we found some perfect candidates for testing the Popp-O-Mat prototype. On this post we take a closer look to Doctor J. Stifflers work while she checks-up Werner. It’s necessary to have exactly average men for the test series for comparable results. First, Doctor J. Stiffler asks Werner some common medicinal questions and then begins to check the blood pressure, heart sounds and the pulse. She writes down the results and then Werner has to undress for the further tests. Doctor J. Stiffler now measures the length of Werners penis in erected condition. Finally she stimulates Werners penis and takes a small sperm assay to have a look to it under the microscope later. As you can see, this medical check-up is very interesting. We tooked 86 photos to documentate Werners check-up and you can find them in the members area instantly after you signed up. We hope to find the best candidate for a real Popp-O-Mat test soon.

Doctor J. Stiffler does the penis test 1  Doctor J. Stiffler does the penis test 2

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October 7, 2006

Hot MILF Lezley shows her perfect body and takes a shower

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Wow, this MILF is looking very sexy with her perfect, slim body. She only wears a small thong and a transparent top. Of course, in the great members area you can see Lezley absolutely nude! If you can’t wait (i can understand that), just join now to get instant access to all photos. If you join, you can see and enjoy MILF Lezley in 3 different photo sets. Each contains 60 very high quality shots; this gives a total of 180 photos with this hot woman! In the first set she wears a black top with white spots and hot pants. You already learned that Lezley loves to wear thongs, so she also let you see her black thong which she wears under the white hot pants. And later, she takes off everything! The second photo set consists of shots like the two samples below. And last but not least the third set; this one is very, very hot! Lezley takes a shower and you can keep track of what she is exactly doing in the bathroom. Just to have an idea of what you can expect, we are proud to offer you a big FREE SAMPLE PHOTO of the third photo set. 

Hot MILF Lezley 1  Hot MILF Lezley 2

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October 4, 2006

Ultra sexy woman Nic is online now with nude photos!

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Yes, you read it right! In the amazing Popp-O-Mat members area you’ll find the ultra sexy woman Nic absolutely naked! And that’s not all of course, but one after the other… Nic loves to read books with hot stories. Most of the time she gets hot herself while reading in these books. She puts the book beside, sits onto the table and begins to touch and massage her vagina. You can find the whole set with 100 ultra hot photos with Nic in the members area. All you have to do is to sign up and you’ll have instant access to everything seen on this site. Also for this high quality photo set, we offer a BIG FREE SAMPLE PHOTO.

Sexy Woman Nic 1  Sexy Woman Nic 2

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