October 25, 2007

Perfect blonde MILF Irene loves to fuck with vegetables!

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When it comes to vegetables, people think very different. I for myself absolutely don’t like to eat vegetables. What i love is meat, fresh meat in general! But what interests you more, is what our very attractive and sexy blonde MILF Irene thinks about vegetables. You may think, hey, i already saw Irene in THIS POST! But we think, Irene is too hot for only one post! When Irene takes a hot, naked shower, she loves to masturbate and think about sexy men with huge dicks fucking her doggy style in her kitchen. Because she loves big dicks and her husband only got a small one, she needs something else. Because she also don’t likes vegetables too much, she thinks, why not fuck with it? Fuck the fucking vegetables!

Perfect blonde MILF Irene loves to masturbate in the bathroom with hot water  Perfect blonde MILF Irene loves to fuck with vegetables in her wet pussy

And just after these hot thoughts, she takes a vegetable and slides it slowly into her very wet pussy while standing under the warm water falling down from the shower. She slides it first slowly – then fast – in and out to masturbate hard and dreaming about horny men with large dicks fucking her shaved pussy.

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October 17, 2007

Masked teen girls spread their buttocks to be ready to fuck!

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We know a shitload of very hot and horny teen girls who would love to do nasty things in front of a camera. But many don’t want to get recognized by somebody they know. Of course, it’s not very comfortable if, for example, their teachers or parents see them on the Popp-O-Mat porn blog spreading their buttocks or to touch each others blank tits. But there’s a safe and easy solution! We masked them and now our two very hot teen girls Susi and Michelle are anonymous and ready to do all the nasty things in front of our camera!

Masked teen girls show their naked breasts in front of the camera  Masked teen girls presentate their assholes and shaved pussies and are ready to fuck

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October 10, 2007

Video: New 640 x 480 hi-res video with masturbating girl Sarah

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Many horny men don’t want to go to a video or DVD store when they want to masturbate to a hot girls video. But you may think, the quality of a DVD is much higher than the videos found in most porn websites members areas. Well, we have great news for high resolution porn video lovers! We added many high quality and high resolution videos to our very amazing and unique POPP-O-MAT MEMBERS AREA. These videos have typically resolutions starting from 640 x 480 pixels, so we recommend to enjoy them on a fast computer, which is able to show them without dropouts. 

HQ video snapshot with nude girl Sarah  HQ video snapshot with nude girl Sarah in the bath tub

HQ video snapshot with nude girl Sarah masturbating her pussy  HQ video snapshot with nude girl sarah enjoying to masturbate

In this blog post we are proud to present our very sexy and high resolution video “Sarah masturbating”. You can see Sarah with a perfect, slim body taking off all of her clothes and having fun in the bath tub. She don’t just massages her tight tits, she also loves to masturbate her pussy and to slide in her fingers very fast till she comes!

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