October 21, 2006

How Doctor J. Stiffler takes Werner’s sperm assay

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Many Popp-O-Mat visitors asked us, how Doctor J. Stiffler exactly tooked Werner’s sperm assay. Our members already were able to have a look at the 86 hight quality photos in the members area, which documentate this process exactly. For the other visitors, we offer two free sample photos in this post.

Doctor J. Stiffler takes Werners sperm assay 1  Doctor J. Stiffler takes Werners sperm assay 2

As you can see, Doctor J. Stiffler manipulates Werner’s penis with her hand. With some special hand snatches, she brings Werner to ejaculate very fast. She collects the sperm in a beaker and ckecks immediately if the amount is sufficient.

If you’re interested in more details and the uncensored photos, we recomment to join now and have a look to the photos in the members area.

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